Our vision is to deliver high class projects to clients both domestic and commercially within the stonemasonry sector.

Utilise the experience and expertise of our quality stone masons, who offer many specialist masonry services unrivalled anywhere in Lanarkshire, Glasgow  and Beyhond. At HRH Masonry Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a first-rate service, backed up by our in-house team of stonemasons and restorers that are among the very best in the field. Providing thorough stone repairs, lime harling, and many other services, trust our qualified professionals to finish every job to the highest quality.

Industry Standards

Our use of traditional methods and approaches when executing work covers our tools, materials, and practices, which is all applied in the industry standards we aim for in every project.

Lime Pointing

At HRH Masonry Ltd, we carry out lime pointing work on a day-to-day basis. It is important for a traditional sandstone structure to be allowed to breathe and controlling moisture movement thus ensures that there should be no cementitious mortar found in beds or joints of any masonry work within that structure. Our team work closely with suppliers to ensure that the best mortar choice is used, and more often than not a sample of historic mortar is sent away for analysis by industry accredited professionals who examine the sample, identifying the aggregates found and the strength of the binder. From the analysis procedure a report is compiled identifying the compatible mortars for any new works executed by our clients.

Lime Harling and Lime Wash

Traditionally, lime harling and lime wash are methods that are used on some of the UK’s most iconic buildings, providing a very effective end product for weatherproofing solid mass masonry construction. Harling is made up of various coatings and, project dependant, it will vary from site to site. A typical lime harling is a 3-coat process from which the substrate is made up of different layers, each a varying strength and thickness. The final stage is a lime wash that effectively consolidates the harled work, providing an aesthetically decorative finish.

Applying the Correct Materials

In recent years, other impervious materials have been used to replace lime work, and it has become increasingly evident that the resultant structures are showing signs of failure due to the materials used not allowing substrate the control of moisture throughout different times of the year. HRH Masonry Ltd has skilled tradesmen who undertake this task properly, removing the inappropriate materials carefully and replacing them with a correctly specified harling and wash.

Stone Replacing and Indenting

Here at HRH Masonry Ltd, we specialise in stone replacement and indenting whereby a stone analysis is typically carried out, which identifies the sandstones that are compatible, aiming to achieve the best possible match to the current historic fabric. Throughout this process, traditional methods and techniques are used to compliment the new masonry in order to recreate what remains of the building.

Sandstone Supply

Over the years, our management team have built fantastic working relationships with numerous stone quarries in the UK. This gives you different options for delivering a cost-effective project for dimensional stone. It also means that you don’t have to worry about stone procurement, time issues, or product delivery.

Stone Dressing and Carving

At HRH Masonry Ltd, we have highly skilled craftsmen who carefully hew dimension blocks of sandstone from the quarry into a masonry item that has been selected for replacement. During this process, templates are taken of the item marked and transcribed onto a new masonry block. As the stone is hewed, the stone mason will use traditional hand tools and techniques to replace the architecture in the original stone. The items we are able to hew include:

Stone Dressing and Carving

  • Sills

  • Lintels

  • Rybats

  • Quoins

  • Thresholds

  • Steps

  • Fireplaces

  • Cornices

  • Mullions

  • Copes

  • String Course

  • Window Tracery

Stone Repair

With more than 100 standard colours available, colour matched lime mortar repairs are carried out by our highly skilled team to offer cost-effective solutions while restoring architectural details that may have been lost to damage and the elements. If the sandstone in question is showing signs of structural issues, it is highly recommended that stone replacement is the chosen route for remedial work.

Stone Surveys

At HRH Masonry Ltd, we are often asked to carry out stone surveys at the early stages of a project to identify any defective masonry items. Within the business we have a wide range of options available to you to carry out these surveys, including; scaffold access and MEWP access.

Outside Support

In some projects that may be more difficult to access or the logistics prove tricky, we have a close working relationship with some rope access teams who undertake the surveys on our behalf.

What We Look For

When a survey is carried out, there are many variables to consider, some of which are: 

• Structural Soundness

• Longevity

• Practicality

The Next Step

After your survey has been completed a report is filed in where masonry items are categorised into low, medium, and high risk, with recommendations on how to deal with the aforementioned items.

Contact us, in Lanarkshire, Glasgow and beyond, to discuss our stone repair, lime harling, and other services.